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Top Drawer Hard Iced Tea

This Nice Tea is exactly that... Nice. When you take your first sip of this ever so crushable hard iced tea, you will be blown away. This beverage is brewed right here in Alberta by Craft Beer producers. 

Gluten Free

Made with gluten free spirit

Low in Sugar

Like, seriously low. Only 16 grams per 473mL serving. 

Made with Real Tea

Steeped for 24 hrs using real orange pekoe loose leaf tea.


Steeped Orange Pekoe Tea (Water & Loose tea)

Alberta Beet Sugar

Gluten Free Alcohol

Real Lime Juice

Real Lemon Juice

Citric Acid

Sodium Benzoate

Made with Real Lemon & Lime Juice

No skimping on this. We use real lemon juice and real lime juice. We feel it adds a flavour  that cant be duplicated. 

Nutrition facts

210 calories per serving

0 grams Fat

21 grams of carbs

16 grams of Sugar

per 16 ounce/ 473mL

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