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Donation & Sponsorship Requests

Looking for sponsorship or seeking a charitable donation from Dog Island BArewing? Excellent! We love to work with local charities and volunteer organizations that do the important things that make our community even more rad.

While we’d like to support you all, we are a small company with limited resources so we can’t say yes to everything. Please understand that we cannot guarantee a reply.

That said, we do like to say yes to as many things as possible, so please ask! Whether it is silent auction donations, raffle prizes, charity brews, or simply help in spreading the word about events and initiatives, we can usually find a way to help.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide support for:

  • Non-registered CRA charities (with the exception of silent auction/raffle prizes for clubs and groups such as sports teams).

  • Networking events or conferences.

  • Events hosted by a retail companies to bring attention to the company.

  • Sports team sponsorships.

  • Requests for cash donations will be politely declined.

Please tap the button below and fill out the form to register your interest in working with Dog Island to raise money for good.

For help with specific events or timed campaigns, please give us at least 30 days advance notice if possible.

Whether we end up working together or not, thanks very much for all you do to make our community safer, happier, healthier, more prosperous and more just.

Together, we’re better.

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