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DiBs Berry
Raspberry Wheat Ale


This Raspberry beer was one of the first successful beers produced and will always be a favourite. Made with 2 Row, White Wheat and a perfect balance of hops, this smooth beer packs a punch with its intense but refreshing raspberry taste.

The Foggy Dew


A unique IPA with a surprisingly soft and pillowy mouthfeel, full of juicy, fruit-forward hop flavours and aromas, with a subdued bitterness to enhance drinkability. Brilliant but hazy, as succulent as fresh tropical fruit.

We made this not too boozy, so you can enjoy it more than once!


Saints & Sinners


With all the hop forward punch an American IPA has to offer, this beer finishes with a smooth citrus after taste, making it very well balanced.

The Sinners of hop bitterness and Saints of fruity citrus taste will no doubt rage a holy war in your mouth.

Rise From the Ashes
Amber Ale


A smooth drinking Amber  Ale. Tastes of toasted caramel which create a slight sweetness, this beer has the perfect balance of hops that will make you want more. 

As a thanks to everyone who looks out and protects our town from fires, this beer is for you, Cheers!

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Apricot Wheat Ale


What started out as just a TapRoom beer, has now been canned and shipped out to all you fine folk.

This beer quickly turned into a local favourite with its refreshing taste.

Wyld Stallyons
Wild IPA


This beer is the most excellent IPA.

Brewed using a wild yeast strain -Sacc Trois- it will keep you guessing. Wyld Stallyons does everything you want, a bit juicy, fresh, bright, hoppy, and funky in the best way possible.  

Be Excellent To Each Other

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High Horse
White IPA


The perfect balance between a Belgium Wit and an IPA, this beer will keep you sipping to discover all the different tastes it has to offer. Not too hoppy but coriander gives this brew a slight spicy finish. 

Get off your High Horse and give it a try.

Dos Almas
Mexican Lager


Brewed in memorial of two lives lost. A light, refreshing lager with a hint of lime. One sip and Dos Almas will transport you right to the beaches of Mexico.




We have some great friends at OILERSNATION, so we decided it was time to brew a beer for them. they requested a light, crushable, easy drinking ale that would pare well with playoffs! 

Tongue Punch
Kettle Sour 


The ever evolving brew. Tongue Punch is our take on Kettle Sour. We are constantly changing the hop variety but always keeping that perfect not-too-sour sour taste.

Make sure to check your can to see which version you're on.

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Pale Ale


Summer days call for a cold beer and good times. Sandy-Ass curbs that thirst on the hottest of Days!

Brewed with a single hop that punches your tongue like no other in the beginning but eases into a refreshing grapefruit finish. This Pale Ale is for everyone to enjoy so be sure to peel your lathered body from your towel and get that as sandy

Lip Pointer


A fantastic juicy DIPA. Double the flavour without doubling the hop bitterness. Lip Pointer begins with a juicy mouthful and finishes with a slight bitterness, making this beer is an easy drinker,. But at 8.5% we must warn you, sometimes it's a little too easy drinking.

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